Paris Hilton holidays at Amilla Fushi resort

Paris Hilton in Amilla Fushi.

Paris Hilton in Amilla Fushi.


US socialite Paris Hilton is currently vacationing at Amilla Fushi island resort in Baa atoll.

She had instagramed a photograph, standing near the swimming pool of her residence.

Eydhafushi Times (ET) is informed that she arrived on Tuesday.

Amilla Fushi resort ran the picture on their Facebook page, and confirmed that she was holidaying at the resort.

Last year, Hilton marked her 35th birthday in Maldives.

She had before, too, instagramed photographs of Maldives, describing the country as a quiet and serene tourist destination.

It is becoming common for celebrities to vacation and mark their birthdays in Baa atoll resort islands.

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