Maalhos prepared for Kalhu-oh-fummi replica construction

Maalhos beach where the replica of Kalhu-oh-fummi is to be built.

Maalhos beach where the replica of Kalhu-oh-fummi is to be built.


Baa atoll Maalhos island’s Council said that the community is ready to construct the replica of the legendary Kalhu-oh-fummi vessel used by Mohamed ‘Bodu’ Thakurufaanu to drive away the Portuguese colonialists from Maldives centuries ago.

Councilor Adam Yusuf told Haveeru on Sunday that residents of the islands are happy that part of the island’s southern coast has been allocated to build the vessel as part of the festivities to celebrate the golden jubilee anniversary of Maldives’ independence.

Adam said that Maalhos will be proud to demonstrate the work as the island has a lot of private guesthouses and is frequented by international tourists.

Mohamed and his two siblings, Ali and Hassan, known popularly as the “Utheem Thin Bein” (“Three Brothers from Utheem” which is an island in Haa Alif atoll) constructed the original Kalhu-oh-fummi in Haa Alif atoll Baarah island.

An artist's imaginary rendition of Kalhu-oh-fummi. PHOTO: Haveeru

An artist’s imaginary rendition of Kalhu-oh-fummi. PHOTO: Haveeru


The replica is to be constructed exactly to the same size and design without the use of any modern materials.

It is to be built by Maritime and Underwater Heritage Association as tasked by the Government.

“This is of great repute to us. Everyone is greatly prepared for this undertaking,” Adam said.

Though there is no original pictorial or artistic rendering of the original Kalhu-oh-fummi, the Independence 50 Office has undertaken studies and collected information about the vessel – a considerable amount of information from a citizen of Maliku – or Minicoy Islands under India.

The replica is to be displayed at the Sultan Park in the national capital Male’ as part of the celebrations of the 50th anniversary of independence on July 26. Maldives became independent on 26 July 1965 after having been a British protectorate.

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