Olhugiri management plan underway

Baa atoll Olhugiri island

Baa atoll Olhugiri island


The management plan of Baa atoll Olhugiri island has been drafted and will be implemented this year, according to Biosphere Reserve Office.

Olhugiri was declared an environmental sanctuary, in the UNESCO recognized heritage site Baa atoll, because the island is a roosting site for “maahoara” seabirds in the Kaashidhoo channel.

The island has two types of vegetation, on both sides, and has very old trees.

Furthermore, Olhugiri is also a breeding ground for turtles.

Baa atoll Olhugiri island

Baa atoll Olhugiri island


Biosphere Reserve Office’s Outreach Officer Shaafee Ali said that the management plan will ensure efficient management of Olhugiri.

There are 10 co-areas already under protection. They are Olhagiri, Dhilalihaa, Mendhoo, Hanifaru, Angafaru, Mathifaruhuraa, Bathalaa, and Goidhoo’s swamp. Co-areas are decided based on the natural, cultural and environmental relevance.

Hanifaru is the only co-area currently sufficiently managed under a management plan.

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