Maalhos withdraws from Baa Atoll Football Challenge

Maalhos vs Goidhoo at last year's Baa Atoll Football Challenge. ET FILE PHOTO

Maalhos vs Goidhoo at last year’s Baa Atoll Football Challenge. ET FILE PHOTO


by Ali Shaheem

Maalhos has dropped out of the upcoming Baa Atoll Football Challenge.

The former’s council has communicated the decision to organizers, U Sports from the atoll capital Eydhafushi.

Maalhos Council cited financial constraints and absence of players currently in the island.

It is expected that the short notice leave will bring upon a fine on the Maalhos team.

Following Maalhos’ withdrawal, 5 islands from the UNESCO heritage atoll are now in competition – which is to be played at Eydhafushi’s official football stadium from 4 to 14 December.

They are Eydhafushi, Kuda Rikilu, Goidhoo, Kihaadhoo, and defending champions Fehendhoo.

Though the teams have already been drawn into groups, the schedule is now expected to change due to the absence of Maalhos.

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