Ranna awards cancelled this year

Home Minister hands over Ranna award to Abdul Razzaag Mohamed at last year's Ranna awards. ET PHOTO

Home Minister hands over Ranna award to Abdul Razzaag Mohamed at last year’s Ranna awards. ET PHOTO


Baa Atoll Council has decided not to give out the “Ranna” award this year, citing lengthy transition of the Council after Local Council elections.

Introduced last year, Ranna awards are given to individuals who accomplish outstanding services to Baa atoll and bring a good name to the atoll in various areas.

The decision was taken on Tuesday at a Council meeting, according to the Council’s President Mabrook Naseer, who said that the award will be given next during March 2018, after appropriate preparations.

The award is to recognize people who excel at the national, atoll and island level, and to encourage people to compete and excel in their services.

The award also recognizes students’ achievements in order to create an educated generation of youngsters.

At last year’s Ranna awards, 2 people received the honorary award while 13 were given the award of encouragement. Shields were given to students who excelled in secondary and higher secondary studies in addition to sports.

Awards were also handed out to resorts with outstanding service, the island councils with most proficiency, and the women’s development committees.

Baa Atoll Council said that applications for Ranna Awards 2018 will be opened soon, and that efforts are underway to make the function exemplary.

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